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Budgeting Guide: Holiday Gifts For Your SO

If you’re reading this, I assume you need help or the assurance that your gut feelings are accurate. Take into account that this is simply a guide. If you and your partner are saving for something special, dealing with $$$ challenges, out of work or only buying gifts for the kids this year, adjust accordingly!

Here’s what I found while scouring the interwebs for NEW and LT relationships:

1-4 Dates: Card

1-3 Months: Max of $30 gift plus dinner.

4-8 Months (Casual relationship): Max of $50 gift plus dinner.

4-8 Months (Serious relationship): $75-$150

9-12 Months: $150-$200

1-3 Years: $200-$300

3-5 Years: $300-$500

5+ Years: Whatever they (You) want.

Still not sure?

Plan an experience that you’ll BOTH enjoy. Anything from a low-cost camping trip to a “stay-cation” at a local hotel with spa amenities. If it’s 50% about YOU then you’ll have no regrets investing the $$$.


Give the gift of service! One of the 5 Love Languages is SERVICE. If your SO feels loved with acts of service, anything from detailing the car to organizing the garage can be more meaningful that a gift that comes with a dollar amount!



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