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Brides Without A Venue For Their Wedding Day

Hotel Indigo in Everett have stepped up to help.  I knew the community would step up and I was anxious to share when they did.

When an all-inclusive wedding venue in Everett abruptly shut down Monday without notice,

dozens of soon-to-be-married couples were sent scrambling for help to find a new venue and to get their money back.

Seattle attorney Moshe Admon said 50 couples reached out to him by phone or email so far.

He says it’s not just a major financial loss, it’s an emotional loss.

“It’s the happiest days of most people’s lives and for this to happen so suddenly to affect all of these couples is a disaster,” said Admon.

Fortunately, local businesses like Hotel Indigo in Everett have stepped up to help.

One couple who’s wedding is this weekend says “They’re letting us use the room for free which is a big deal. I think that’s it’s

$8-thousand dollars just to rent the room.

They are waving that fee for us,  as well as offering a discounted cost for catering too.”

Wedding venues, photographers, caterers–many of them have offered to help and posted their services on a private

Facebook site for couples who were supposed to tie the knot at the Monte Cristo.

We really appreciate it. Everyone has been so great.

Other brides are offering to help us if need” according to the couple.

“It really shows that local businesses are here to help. You don’t have to distrust anyone just because of one bag egg.”

This is what community is about. It’s a good feeling. after all this mess, I’m really happy people are being cool.

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