Credit: Heather Lee

Blessing In Disguise [Love to Northwest Mini]

Have you ever experienced a “Blessing in disguise” moment?

A “Happy Coincidence?”

No matter what you call it, I’m SOOOOO happy I had car problems over the weekend!

When I started my Mini on Saturday, the rear spoiler went UP and stayed stuck in the UP position. This wouldn’t have been a big deal if my car wasn’t BEEP BEEP…BEEPING every second with warning lights flashing on my dash. It was DANGEROUSLY distracting to drive that way.

I pulled over. After a quick GOOGLE with NO applicable results for my situation, I started to imagine what could be wrong and felt ill thinking about the potential cost. (If you’ve ever owned a quirky car, you KNOW how little things could be costly.)

I called Seattle Mini, who set me up with a Monday appointment at Northwest Mini in Tacoma. I received exceptional customer service, which I always do. It’s why I go there…But the “blessings” or “happy coincidences” started after they called to let me know that my spoiler issue was an inexpensive fix.

The Water Pump: was failing. The dealer ONLY caught it because they’d run a diagnostic. Normally it would be an $800 fix, but Mini had EXTENDED their factory warranties on this issue. AND…I had 2 months left on that warranty. If I hadn’t needed the inexpensive fix NOW, I would have experienced a costly fix LATER.

While I was finishing up the paperwork, my service advisor asked about my “animal rescue” license plate covers. I started telling him about how Seattle Mini supports Bulldog Haven NW and asked if they partnered with any charities in the Tacoma area…His eyes lit up. “Really, there’s a specific Bull Dog Rescue nearby? I’ve been thinking of getting one and had no idea!”

On my drive back to the Bellevue, I was so HAPPY! Saving money and catching the water pump issue was amazing. But, knowing that one more person has an awareness of Bulldog Haven NW makes all the stress of my car BEEP BEEP BEEPING exponentially worth it.

Speaking of my Mini and Rescue…Did you watch Rover Roadster Roadtrip?



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