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Billionaires Seeking Live-in Dog Nanny 127K

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It doesn’t sound like a ruff job.

A US billionaire family based in the UK has gone viral after posting a job opening for a full-time dog nanny with a salary of $127,227 a year.

“Our returning client is seeking an exceptional and highly experienced Dog Nanny to provide top-tier care for their two beloved dogs,” reads the job’s LinkedIn description. “They are truly looking for someone at the top of their field who can ensure the overall well-being, happiness, and safety of their dogs.”

The position, posted by Fairfax and Kensington household staffing agency, states that the person selected would live with the family in Knightsbridge district in London and “provide unparalleled care and attention to the dogs, treating them as valued members of the family.”

“The clients are billionaires looking for best-in-class service, so when it comes to their dogs, they’re happy to pay,” continued the recruiter. “When money is no object, people want the best, and you attract the best with the best salary.”

“There’s six weeks off per year, but when you’re dealing with these sorts of clients, if they want to go to Monaco tomorrow, you’d be on a private jet flying with those dogs,” said Dunn. “You really do need to drop everything and be there when they call and leave your private life on the back burner.”

The recruiter told the outlet that he hopes to hire someone by the end of the month.

“With these jobs, the clients are looking for someone yesterday, and we’ve already had between 300 and 400 applications,” concluded Dunn. “Everyone’s suddenly a dog nanny.”

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