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Los Angeles Dec 04: Billie Eilish Arrives For Variety 2021 Mus

Eilish’s lived reality is the exact opposite of her Swarm character, and thanks to her friend Justin Bieber, she’s been able to manage it a lot smoother.

On  Conan O’Brien’s podcast Billie Eilish expressed how grateful she was to have found friendship with Bieber. While recounting her initial meeting with Bieber, she told the host just how their friendship has blossomed since then.

“I am so grateful that he’s in my life, like truly it is something I don’t even know how to explain it,” she said. “I am so so thankful for him and like the way that he was to me when I needed it, and he needed it, and we’ve talked about it a lot. He could have just said, ‘Oh cool, you’re a fan, bye,’ and that’s it.”

Eilish added, “And he’s continued to be so. He just doesn’t give up on me, and I know that sounds stupid, but it’s really true, he really makes me feel so loved and seen, and he’s always reaching out to me in the sweetest ways in the most like just comforting ways of just like ‘you’re not alone in this, I was there.’”

Bieber also found success early in his career, and Eilish shared that he was in desperate need of a friend that understood it all.

“He said something that was so heartbreaking, which was like, ‘I’m just really glad that honestly you have me to talk to about this because I actually understand, and there’s really, you know, almost nobody in the world can know what it was like except kind of you and me and a few others,’ and he was like, ‘I wish I had a me to talk to when I was starting out and doing all that and going through everything ’cause I didn’t, and I was alone.’”

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