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Best moments of 91st Oscars, Academy Awards this year

Written by Mandi Ringgenberg

This year, so many great moments encompassed the awards ceremony. From the hilarious no-host host opener with Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, to the heart-breaking Lady Gaga featuring Bradley Cooper, “Shallows” performance.

With that said, here’s just a few moments we truly loved, and can’t stop talking about in the office!

Comedy super-trio Fey, Poehler and Rudolph kick off the night

Nothing beats breaking the ice of a non-hosted awards show like three very likeable comedians kicking off the night with big jokes. A fitting ensemble to present for the Outstanding Supporting Actress category. The SNL alums spared no moment of comedy opportunities, slightly roasting the Academy, a popular newspaper, and of course the POTUS in the midst of cheeky grins and glittering gowns/tux.

“Good evening and welcome to the one-millionth Academy Awards!” Fey proclaimed. “We are not your hosts, but we are going to stand here a little too long so the people get USA Today will think that we hosted.”

Brady Cooper swoons us all singing alongside Lady Gaga

The song of the year (and then some) echoed through another concert hall Sunday night. Cooper and Gaga stepped on stage from the front, a non-traditional way compared to other performers typically entering from backstage. Gaga stood gob-smacked, leaning against her piano as Cooper started to grizzly serenade her with “Shallow”, in which Gaga wrote for the film “A Star is Born”.

The moment ended with Cooper struck by her voice and peering over her shoulder as the two capped off the song, sitting next to each other at the piano. The pair received a standing ovation, in the audience, confirming our beliefs that you too can do what you love with the people you love and admire, and others will be there to cheer you on. Gaga would go on later that night to snag a win for Best Original Song for song.

When Melissa McCarthey and husband/actor Ben Falcone showed up to the Vanity Fair after party wearing matching track suits

As if the couple-goals couldn’t get any stronger, husband and wife screen duo ditched the itchy designer clothes for some much needed comfortable ones. Possibly controversial, McCarthy matched her Addidas track suit with that of competitor athletic brand, Nike sneakers.  Needless to say, everyone enjoys being comfortable, even among A-list icons. And the hype of the awards show didn’t stop these two from still looking sleek and adorable. A reminder you don’t always have to be in outrageously expensive garments to have a good time.

Spike Lee jumps on Samuel L. Jackson after winning first Oscar

A long time coming, for director/writer Spike Lee won his first ever Oscar for best adapted screenplay for “BlacKkKlansman”. Lee, present the award by Marvel’s Captain Marvel actors, Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson spouted out Lee’s nab and he burst onto stage and jumped onto Jackson.  After composing himself, the director breathlessly spoke about the anticipation of Black History month coinciding with his win.

“Before the world tonight, I give praise to our ancestors who have built this country into what it is today along with the genocide of its native people,” Lee exuded. “We all connect with our ancestors. We will have love and wisdom regained, we will regain our humanity. It will be a powerful moment.”

“Roma” Netflix underdog film celebrates with multiple wins and overcoming adversity

A painful childhood led this director to win big, emotionally and literally at the awards ceremony. The film, directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity, Children of Men) took home multiple awards, including wins in categories for Best Foreign Film, Best Cinematography, and Best Directing. When Cuarón stepped up to accept his director award, he humbly shed light of representing his home country and crafting a personal story he pushed to tell on screen.

““I want to thank the academy for recognizing a film centered around an indigenous woman, one of the 70 million domestic workers in the world without work rights, a character that has historically been relegated in the background in cinema,” he read from his notes. “As artists our job is to look where others don’t.”

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