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Best AND Worst States for Summer Road Trips

Spoiler alert:  Washington State just misses the to 10… but several states close by are a dream to pack up the family and hit the road!

Now here’s to surviving hundreds of miles of road trip and still being on speaking terms.!  Seriously, being confined to a car for mile after mile can put a strain on any relationship.

Also… anyone who knows me becomes quickly aware a ride with me is also a concert… featuring… me.  Apologies to anyone who steps into my rig for the singing.  It can’t be helped.

Please also remember the rules for each road trip member’s assigned seat.

Driver:  Drive, Focus on Road, Don’t Kill Us

Passenger:  Navigate, Stay Awake, DJ

Back Seat:  Pass Out Snacks, Complain About Legroom, Nap

Drive safe and enjoy some of the most beautiful things our great country has to offer this summer!

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