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Best 24-Hour Marinades: Let’s Get Our Grill On! [recipes]

Credit: Bozhena Melnyk |

Depending on the meat (and acidity of marinade) for me determines ‘how long’.  Chicken is always best (bone in) with a 24-hour.  And in some cases, the steaks (below) are delish too!  I like the 24-hour as I can prep the night before.  But, if you have a few hours and need to throw something together for the grill, we have those below as well…

  • Quick and Easy Marinades (HERE)
  • Steak Kabob 24-Hr Marinade (HERE)
  • Steak 8-Hr Marinade (HERE)
  • Amazing Chicken 24-HR Marinade (bone in and kabobs) (HERE)
  • ‘How To’ Tips by Whole Foods (HERE)