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Bellevue Students Winners C-SPAN’s 2020 Competition

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Congratulations to Jayce Zimmerman, Kevin Tran and Henry Myers, students at Bellevue High School.

C-SPAN announced  Jayce Zimmerman, Kevin Tran and Henry Myers, students at Bellevue High School

are third prize winners in C-SPAN’s national 2020 StudentCam competition. Zimmerman,

Students explore issues of national importance in the 2020 presidential campaign.

Tran and Myers will receive $750 for the documentary, “Where Do We Draw the Line?” about gun control.

Each year since 2006, C-SPAN partners with local cable television providers in communities nationwide

to invite middle and high school students to produce short documentaries about a subject of national importance.

This year students addressed the theme, “What’s Your Vision in 2020? Explore the issue you most want

presidential candidates to address during the campaign.”

In response, nearly 5,400 students from 44 states and Washington, D.C., participated.

C-SPAN received over 2,500 submissions on a variety of topics.

C-SPAN is funded by America’s cable television companies, who also support StudentCam.

In Bellevue, C-SPAN is available locally through Comcast.

Full Story: HERE

Video: Here

Top 21 Winners will air on C-SPAN starting April 1st.

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