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Beer Cans With Dogs For Adoption~A Twist In The Story

Close Up Of Happy Puppy Dog Smiling Dog Against White Brick Wall
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Monica Mathis was surfing the internet when she came across the viral story and saw a familiar face.

The story of the brewery putting adoptable dogs on beer cans went viral last month and helped a woman from Minnesota

reunite with the best furr-iend she’d lost in 2017.

Monica Mathis was looking at the dogs and “I was like oh my gosh, that’s Hazel,” Mathis tells Bay News 9.

Hazel escaped home and her microchip paperwork was lost, making it impossible to update her information.

Mathis lost hope until she spotted the pup on a beer can.

Hazel, renamed Day Day by the shelter, was one of the four dogs on the brewery’s beer cans,

but was not as lucky as the other three dogs in getting adopted so quickly.

The Manatee Humane Society says it was meant to be that Hazel be reunited with her real family.

Now, the animal shelter’s working to send Hazel back home for free.

Full Story and Beer Cans: HERE

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