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Be on the Lookout for Foaming, Exploding Watermelons

Smashed Watermelon On The Ground In Pieces

As far as fruits go, watermelons seem reasonably low-maintenance.

You pick one out at the supermarket or produce stand, give it an obligatory thump on the side, and take it home with you. But if your picture-perfect melon starts to feel squishy instead of firm, has a suspicious odor, or starts, uh, literally foaming, it needs to be discarded. According to some experts, it could also be dangerous.

Some melon enthusiasts have reported that their whole melons are actually foaming from one or both sides, which isn’t entirely out of the ordinary. (Just search Reddit’s r/WTF subreddit to see several posts from people who have been freaked out by a foaming melon.)

According to the Bangor Daily News, bacteria can be introduced into a watermelon while growing on the vine. The bacteria combine with the sugars and yeast inside the melon and start the fermentation process. The foam — which seeps out of the melon through cracks in the rind — is a sign that fermentation is happening.

Hotter temperatures can speed up this process or make it more prevalent, and that’s what’s happening this year.

In the United States, watermelons are primarily grown in Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, and Texas, and all of those states have seen higher-than-average temperatures.

If you have a whole, uncut watermelon, it’s advised that you store it in the refrigerator.

Once it is cut, the open side should be covered with plastic — or with beeswax wrap, if you’re trying to be plastic-free — and any cut melon should be consumed within three days.

The National Watermelon Promotion Board does not recommend freezing your melon,  freezing can cause the rind to break down, which “produces a mealy, mushy texture.”

Also, be sure to thoroughly wash the outside of the watermelon before slicing into it.

If you end up with a foaming melon, carefully remove it from your house and discard or compost it.

And you might want to take a photo, just in case you feel like sharing it on Reddit later.

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