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Batman Movie is 3 Hours Long

Bologna / Italy September 18, 2019: The Bat Signal Light From
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But the most important question here is: when’s best time to sneak off to relieve yourself?

The Batman is almost three hours long (post-credits and other bits included), and jam packed full of action. When can the weak-bladdered among us safely pop to the toilet, without missing a scene?

No jokes, no riddles, no… penguins? Here’s when to take a break during The Batman.

Mild spoilers follow for The Batman

There are two main opportunities for a break during The Batman – quite nicely spaced out, too – around the 45-minute mark and 1 hour 20 mark. Neither have moments that include key plot points and, although you may miss a very cool car chase scene, you’ll otherwise have a good window of opportunity to relax and relieve for a few minutes before racing back to your seat.

So what are you looking out for? At the 45-minute mark, there’s a scene where Batman gives Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz) some high-tech contact lenses and an earpiece as the duo begin to properly investigate the Riddler and his cronies. The scene that immediately follows is essentially some filler on Gotham life, and you won’t miss anything crucial for a few minutes afterward.

The second moment, about 80 minutes in, is before a big car chase that you’ve seen clips of if you’ve seen The Batman trailer. You’ll hear the Penguin (Colin Farrell) call out to his pal Kenzi to ‘grab the money’ – and that’s your cue to dash.

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