Bad Reviews for Guardians of the Galaxy?!

On May 4, the universe came to a halt Marvel’s “Gaurdian’s of the Galaxy Vol. 2” opens in American theaters. But critics may be the ones stopping you from going to see your favorite talking tree and daughter of Thanos. What’s not to love when Chris Pratt, David Batista and Zoe Saldana join together to protect the galaxy (and listening to awesome 80s music)?!

According to The Hollywood Reporter article, the film has already racked-up over $17 million on Thursday evening alone, well over its first film back in August 2014, which gained $11.2 million opening-day.

Time Inc’s Stephanie Zacharek found Vol. 2 to be entertaining to say the least—and how could it not—but lacked a defined plot, stating it had “enough plots here to fill a dozen galaxies”.

Regardless of the grossed numbers so far, the blatant sarcasm and “poo-poo jokes” are a bit insulting to the audience, proclaims Zacharek. With the cheap humor, rebellious family relationships and ode-to infamous throwback songs, “This is a movie that praises viewers for being cool enough to show up and then proceeds to insult them—but only ironically, see?”

To read the full review, see HERE.

By Mandi Ringgenberg

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