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Bacon Bouquet for Dad

BACON. The word BACON isolated on white. Spelled out with Real F
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Denny’s came through for DAD this year with a free bouquet made of, well, bacon!

Shopping for Dad on Father’s Day can be hard.

Socks are overplayed, ties can be boring,

and you can only buy him so many grill accessories

before his collection is complete.

The nationwide diner is giving this offer out through Postmates.

 from June 19 to June 21

Here is the catch, cuz there is always a catch.

All you’ll have to do is spend a minimum of $25 at Denny’s and you’ll be eligible

to add a bacon bouquet for no charge using the promo code “BACONBOUQUET.”

They don’ts skop on the bacon either,

so it’ll be sure to fill Dad up for the rest of the day’s festivities.

The hardest part might be spelling B*A*C*O*N*B*O*U*Q*U*E*T*

Full Story and Info: HERE

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