Candian pot shop robbers bear mace bong
Credit: BigStockPhoto

Back off you hosers!

We all know that it pays to be prepared, but sometimes, when you’re taken by surprise, you have to improvise.  That’s exactly what a Canadian Pot Shop employee did when three robbers burst in, spraying bear mace and attempting to rob the Recreational Cannabis Farmers Market in Shannonville, Ontario.  Luckily, the employees are quick on their feet and always armed with a defense mechanism.

The three would-be robbers began spraying the bear mace, but one employee was ready for it when he grabbed a bong off the shelf and used it to scare the pants off the thieves, who promptly ran out of bear mace and out of the shop.  Seriously though, their whole plan was to attack with bear mace and then what?  Say, hand over the pot, you hosers?  The prepared pot shop will every time in this battle of wits. Bong beats bear mace every dang time.

We think the Pot Shop deserves a lifetime supply of Tim Hortons and Molsons, eh?

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