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BABY (& PUPPY) ALERT! Congrats CARRIE UNDERWOOD! [Jacob Bryan Fisher + Zero]

Carrie, Mike (Husband) & Isaiah (Son) welcomed their new child/brother this morning! Jacob Bryan Fisher makes FOUR! Unless you count the dogs…Then he makes SEVEN!

The Underwood/Fisher family has been BUSY…Mike Fisher posted the news of a PUPPY a couple days ago and effectively tricked the internet into thinking their son had arrived. Sneaky.

Today’s news comes via Carrie’s IG. Jacob Bryan Fisher made his entrance in the “wee hours of the morning”

Beyond the music, Carrie’s been open about her family’s struggle with fertility/miscarriages. Many of us can relate to the challenges she’s faced trying to build her family. Her honesty and openness to share that story has been one of the reasons why I love her.  Communicating the most intense moments of life is what TRUELY makes a brilliant artist, and Carrie has always expressed her truth with grace. ❤️

Congrats Carrie! And THANK YOU for being such an amazing human.



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