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Baby Boy Playing With Fitness Equipment On Floor At Home

In January, as is the case every year, many people all across the globe rejoined a gym and resolved to focus on their fitness.

However, it is unlikely that they have been putting in the hours as much as this adorable eight-month-old in a video which has recently gone viral.

In the humorous footage, shared by a father identified only as Sam to his account GarageGymProject, we can see a montage of his infant son completing a range of training exercises.

The footage, which has 6.4 million views, begins with the baby hanging from rings by his hands as Sam spots him from below. Sam can then be heard explaining: “This is the 8 month bulk update.”

Next, the footage cuts to the baby on the floor as his dads pats him on his back he watches Arnold Schwarzenegger on screen.

Sam narrates: “My son’s got a new morning routine which involves getting up at the crack of dawn to have a sports massage to help with recovery whilst he watches some motivational videos to visualize his future.”

He then rolls around with his child claiming he has added wrestling to his routine, but “never ever lets him win.”

Full Story and Video: HERE

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