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You are Going to be Okay Bro

Charlie Puth had encouraging words for a TikTok star who shared his rejection letter from The Juilliard School.

The “Girlfriend” singer, 30, offered advice to Axel Webber after Webber posted a video reading a letter he received from the esteemed performing arts conservatory.

After thanking him for auditioning, Juilliard informed Webber, according to the TikToker, “As you are already aware, due to our callback process, you are no longer under consideration for admission for Fall 2022.”

Webber concluded the short clip by saying he’d “have to find a different way to be an actor.”

The TikTok, which currently has 1.4 million likes on the platform, garnered the attention of Grammy-nominated singer Puth, who responded.

He first commented on Webber’s video, writing, “Hey friend…I also didn’t get into Juilliard … but things ended up being just fine for me. I cried too.”

He later shared advice in a video of his own, telling Webber, “Not only did I not get into Juilliard, but I didn’t get into five of these ‘prestigious’ schools that I wanted to get into that I thought would better my career.”

“While I do think school is great, and I did end up going to Berklee [College of Music], a prestigious conservatory for the arts is not going to be the thing that defines your career as an actor,” Puth continued. “It certainly wasn’t the only and most important thing that made my career happen.”

“You, Axel, do not need to worry at all,” Puth concluded. “I like your videos a lot, there’s something very special about you. And I like your tiny apartment. You’re gonna be OK bro, I promise.”

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