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Awwwwww…. She Thinks Her Name is Alexa! [VIDEO]

London, United Kingdom - May 2020: Amazon Echo Dot, The Virtual
Credit: Grumpy Cow Studios |

Just one of the unforeseen consequences of saying “Alexa” to engage your Echo device.  This totes adorbs baby thinks… that’s HER name!




I freely admit I have TOO many Echo devices.  But all the lights at my house can be voice activated… so we almost “HAVE” to have one in every room.  At least that’s my poor excuse.  The funniest thing for my family is trying to describe when Alexa has done something wrong without saying the word “Alexa” and triggering some kind of response.

We whisper, we point wildly at the device, perform charades, cover our mouths when we say the word “Alexa”.

It’s pure comedy really.