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Average Mother Feels Like ‘Bad Mom’ 156 Times a Year

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The average mom who feels like a “bad mom” today feels this way 156 times a year, according to new research.

A survey of 2,000 moms looked at their experiences after having children and found that a third feel like they’re a “bad mom” sometimes.

Sixty-five percent of moms use social media, 26% don’t and the results found that those who do are more than four times as likely to feel like a bad parent (46% vs. 11%).

More than three-quarters agree that social media puts pressure on moms to look or act a certain way (77%) and a similar percentage said that society has too many expectations of what a mother should be (79%).

The survey also found that a majority of American moms who have heard of “momfluencers,” social media influencers who cater to moms, watch their content (83%).

However, 65% of these respondents feel more insecure after watching this content.

Yet, one in seven don’t think that “momfluencers” realistically portray motherhood.

Interestingly, those who use social media are more convinced that “momfluencers” do represent motherhood compared to those who aren’t active on those platforms (83% vs. 47%).

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