Credit: John Fisher

Attention germophobes: You’ve been washing your shoelaces, right?

That’s right — washing your shoelaces. Just one interesting tidbit from a little story I found called 7 Things You’re Not Washing (But Should Be.)” Sure, if you think about it, your shoelaces might drag across some very filthy surfaces during the course of a day, and you do use your hands to tie them every day, so . . . I guess it does make sense to wash them once in awhile. It also seems like a big pain. So do a few of the other items on the list, such as your purse, your toothbrush holder, and your pillow. Not the pillowcase — the actual pillow. Seriously? You can only take this germ thing so far, right?

If you’d like to step up your bacteria-fighting game, check out the whole list, and the explanation of each item, here.

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