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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 9.2.16

WHOAH! Apparently former Bachelorette (and fan favorite) Luke Pell was tapped to be the next Bachelor and had his bags all packed, before he got the phone call that producers were going in a different direction last minute.  He was literally supposed to leave for LA on Monday morning at 9am and he says he got the phone call on Sunday night at 10pm that he wasn’t going to be the guy! Of course, producers decided last minute to swap Luke for Nick Viall after he has won fans over on Bachelor in Paradise! Talk about the most dramatic phone call ever!

Justin Bieber may be super rich and famous, but even he needs a little help sometimes.  Apparently a fan bought him lunch at an LA Subway when the Biebs’ credit card was declined.  The fan paid for a footlong, four bottles of milk and some cookies.  Justin and girlfriend Sophia Richie had been on a shopping spree at Barneys prior to their Subway run.

Taylor Swift can’t seem to stop donating money.  She has already donated about a million dollars to flood victims in Louisiana, an additional 50k to a Baton Rouge food bank and now she’s shelled out more money to Cedars Sinai in LA on behalf of her 13-month old godson, Leo who had heart surgery there when he was just 20 weeks old.

Beyonce won a legal battle when a lawsuit from an independent filmmaker for copyright infringement was thrown out by a judge.  The filmmaker claimed Bey stole 9 elements from his independent film for Lemonade.  Those elements included “graffiti and persons with heads down,” a “parking garage,” and “side-lit ominous figures.”  So, pretty much things you would see in any film or video.

Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan wasn’t so lucky, losing her suit against the makers of popular video game Grand Theft Auto.  Lohan had claimed the video game used her likeness without her permission.

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