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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 9.15.16

Selena Gomez has cut off ex Justin Bieber according to friends.  The two were on and off from 2011 and had a public Instagram fight last month.  Following the fight, friends of Gomez said she still isn’t over him and allows herself to get emotional when it comes to him.  Now she has decided she needs to cut him out of her life, and has changed her phone number and told everyone not to give it to him.

In non-shocking news Grace Vanderwaal took home the big prize on America’s Got Talent last night.  She wins $1 Million and a stint in Vegas in October.  The fact that there was anyone else competing against her is more shocking than the fact she won.

Kim Kardashian recently took a 4-day trip to Mexico with her two kids and some friends.  Kim didn’t have much downtime though, since she was mostly doing photo shoots…. What she is leaving out though is that most of those photo shoots were just her and her phone camera.  Kim revealed that she took 6,000 selfies over the 4 days….. SIX THOUSAND….

Sofia Vergara is the highest-paid TV actress, according to Forbes.  The Modern Family actress reportedly brought in $43 million — a 66 percent increase in earnings since last year — thanks to her Emmy-winning ABC comedy and endorsement deals.

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