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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 8.26.16

It was the moment we’d been waiting for, for weeks- Britney Spears carpooled to work with James Cordon last night on Carpool Karaoke and it was pretty much everything we could hope for. HERE YOU GO!

On a recent episode of MTV’s Catfish, a poor Tennessee man discovered the person he had been chatting with via email and text for the past six years, was, in fact, not Katy Perry like he believed.  Katy Perry heard about it and addressed it in a recent interview- “My heart goes out to him, actually. “Anybody who’s been fooled like that… I feel bad for him.” You have GOT to see this snippet from the episode…. wow! See it HERE.

Amber Heard was to be awarded $7 Million in a settlement with ex-husband, Johnny Depp and had promised to donate all of the money to two of her favorite charities.  Now it appears that Depp has decided to cut out the middle man and just donate the $7 million (in installments) directly to the charities.  Heard and her people have said that Depp is attempting to reduce the amount he owes by half based on tax deductions and that he should actually donate $14 million.

The FBI is now handling the investigation into who hacked SNL star, Leslie Jones iCloud & cell phone and posted nude photos and personal information on her website.  Hillary Clinton tweeted out her support for the comedian saying, “no one deserves this—least of all someone who brings us so much joy. I’m with you.”

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