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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 8.22.16

Ruski TV, a Russian state owned television channel wants Lindsay Lohan to appear for an interview about her relationship & break-up with her ex-fiance Egor Tarabosov.  Lindsay seems to be up for it, but she has her demands …

— a private jet

— security

— 1 year Russian visa with extension

— 500,000 British pounds

— hair, makeup and manicurist onboard jet

–  Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite

Oh, and one other thing. She wants to meet with President Vladimir Putin and get photos with him.

Apparently, Lindsay is negotiating and some of the demands have been met.

Sofia Vergara always looks perfect when we see her in tabloids and on TV, but apparently that’s how things are in real-life too.  “I always have something on, even if I’m going to shower, I put on a little bit of mascara, a little bit of blush and some lipstick.”

Katie Couric is like a real-life workplace hero.  When she anchored CBS Evening News, she volunteered to take a million dollar pay cut to save jobs for her staff, under the condition that the money go directly to her staff and that it be done quietly with no public announcement.

Kanye West, the poet.  West wrote a poem for Frank Ocean’s magazine… about McDonald’s and it’s……interesting. “McDonalds man / McDonalds man / The French fries had a plan/The salad bad and the ketchup made a band / Cus the French fries had a plan / The French fries had a plan.”

Leonardo DiCaprio and girlfriend, Nina Agdal were in a minor car accident in the Hamptons, luckily no one was seriously hurt.  The couple was riding in a friend’s car and were rear-ended.


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