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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 8.16.16

Selena Gomez inserted herself into an online feud with Justin Bieber and Bieber responded with some big time shots.  Bieber was upset with his fans for trolling his new girlfriend Sofia Richie, when Gomez chimed in and basically said if you’re putting it out there, if you can’t handle it. Gomez then said “Funny how the ones that cheated multiple times, are pointing the finger at the ones that were forgiving and supportive, no wonder fans are mad. Sad. All love.”  To which her ex replied with “I cheated… Oh I forgot about you and Zayn?”  Annnnnnnd now he has deleted his Instagram account all together…. Did I mention he had 78 million followers?

Kendall Jenner had an unwanted visitor at her new home off the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.  When the model returned to her house, the stalker was outside her gate.  She opened it and drove through and he followed her on foot.  Jenner remained in her car and called 911. Police arrived and arrested the guy, who was then reportedly booked for stalking.

The drama between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continues.  The settlement between the two has hit a wall and sources say it all stems from what may or may not have happened on May 21st.  Amber apparently wants Johnny to sign a statement admitting to domestic violence, while Depp says he won’t sign it because it didn’t happen.  Amber also claims that during an incident last March Johnny accidentally cut off the tip of his finger, then dipped what remained of his finger into blue paint and wrote the name Billy Bob on a mirror, as in Billy Bob Thornton, just one of the men Depp accused Heard of cheating with. **UPDATE** Depp and Heard have now settled their divorce case.  Read more HERE!

Kesha has now dropped all abuse claims against music producer, Dr. Luke in a bid to gain her musical freedom.  Her case against the producer and his label will now have to rely solely on professional grievances.

Mariah Carey’s new billboards have been banned from two airports in California and even Las Vegas, home to her new residency wants to display censored ads.

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