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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 7.6.16

Russell Wilson and Ciara could be just hours away from tying the knot!  The couple has been spotted around Liverpool, England, including attending what many believe to be their rehearsal dinner at the Titanic Hotel last night.  A source close to the couple says they are getting married today and expect about 100 guests to attend, including Ciara’s bridesmaids Lala Anthony, Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams, who has the day off at Wimbledon.  TMZ is reporting that guests will meet in a central location before being transported to the mystery wedding spot and no cellphones will be allowed.

Ciara is apparently concerned for the safety of her fiancé, Russell Wilson.  Ciara filed more documents in her defamation suit against her ex-fiance, Future claiming that he has made threats against Russell’s life, including song yrics threatening Wilson and football and gun emojis on his Twitter account.

Speaking of romances, could Swiffleston be a big-time hoax?? A new conspiracy theory has emerged that has people believing that the past two weeks of Hiddleston’s PDA has all been a setup as performance art and Tay-Tay is planning a Beyonce/Lemonade type music video……on top of that, throughout her career, Taylor has dropped albums at two-year intervals, and we’re coming up to the two-year anniversary of 1989’s release.

Kylie Jenner is basically an online make-up guru and has shared her secrets with the world in the form of KYLIE Cosmetics.  When she launched her lip kit about 9 months ago and it sold out immediately, so you’d think the business was a success, but, the BBB says not so fast!  KYLIE Cosmetics’ consumer satisfaction rating has plummeted to an all-time low … it gets an F. The company’s racked up 137 customer complaints on BBB in the 9 months since it began operating, including security breaches, packages getting stolen or ransacked and people getting no response from customer service.

Kaley Cuoco took some grief from her Instagram followers after posting a photo of her three dogs sporting American flag bandanas on the 4th of July.  Unfortunately for Kaley, two of the dogs were sitting on an American flag that was laying on the ground….basically two big no-nos.  In Kaley’s defense, the dogs were with the dog sitter and the photo was sent to her, but that didn’t matter to the angry Instagrammers…..

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