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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 6.2.16

There were rumors of a possible engagement in the works for Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, but alas, it seems the opposite is true, and Calvin Harris has broken up with Taylor after 15 months together!  We actually obtained some audio of their actual conversation……… Swift could be heard saying “this is exhausting. We are never getting back together… ever.”

Justin Timberlake has the summer’s hottest new single and now, you might be able to go and see him anytime you want, with rumors swirling that he may be headed for a Las Vegas residency.  If true, he would take up residency at the new Monte Carlo theatre which is in the final stages of it’s construction.

Emilia Clarke stars in a brand new movie and keeps us tuned in to Game of Thrones each week, so you’d assume she could have any guy she wants.  So what makes the perfect guy in her eyes….. she says “I want someone who is super smart, can make me laugh, has like a dad bod…I don’t need no six-pack…..every character I’ve been with has been too perfect.”

Get ready for more Kardashian reality TV, Rob and his fiancée/baby mama, Blac Chyna’s show tentatively titled Rob & Chyna will consist of 6 one-hour episodes and is set to premiere later this year on E!

The case against Johnny Depp’s alleged domestic violence seems to be mounting as an alleged text message conversation between Amber Heard and Depp’s assistant has been revealed seemingly showing both acknowledging an incident where Depp kicked Amber and seemingly had to be told what he did after the fact.

Here is the alleged text conversation between Heard and Depp’s assistant Stephen Deuters;

Deuters- “He’s incredibly apologetic and knows that he has done wrong. He wants to get better now.”

Heard- “Yes but I don’t know how to be around him after what he did to me yesterday. I don’t know if I can stay with him.”

“Obviously he has no idea what he did or the extent that he did it. If someone was truly honest with him about how bad it really was, he’d be appalled,” she allegedly continues. “I’m sad that he doesn’t have a better way to really know the severity of his actions yesterday. Unfortunately for me, I remember in full detail everything that happened.”

Deuters-  “He was appalled. When I told him he kicked you, he cried. It was disgusting. And he knows it.”

Heard – “He’s done this many times before. Tokyo, the island, London (remember that?!), and I always stay. Always believe he’s going to get better … And then every 3 or so month [sic], I’m in the exact same position.”

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