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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 3.10.16

Sony is expected to cut ties with producer Dr. Luke, the producer at the center of a lawsuit involving Kesha.  Many stars have sided with Kesha, including many of Dr. Luke’s famous collaborators, like Kelly Clarkson.  Reps for Dr. Luke, aka Lukasz Gottwald say this isn’t true and insist Luke’s relationship with Sony is still solid.

Remember Jeremy Meeks?  The hot convict whose mugshot caused most women in America to lose their minds?  Well, before he was sentenced for gun possession last year, he signed a modelling contract and now Meeks is out and ready for his close up!  Meeks took to Instagram yesterday to post a photo and said “I want to thank my family and everybody for all your love, support and prayers.  I’m overwhelmed and grateful for what lies ahead.”  So are we Jeremy. So. Are. We.

If you saw Kim Kardashian’s Twitter shade recently and thought her husband might have been behind it, you weren’t alone.  The New York Daily News spoke with a forensic linguist who analyzed the tweets and also came to the conclusion that Kanye was behind them and not Kim.  He referenced that the tweets opened with “Hey Bette Midler,” or “Hey Piers Morgan;” something Kanye does, not Kim.  Also, the hastags were all lowercase; Kim does either ALLCAPS or capitalizes the first letter of each word.  And Twitter was always lowercase as well, Kim always uses a capital T.

This week’s episode of Survivor may have been the MOST. DRAMATIC. EVER.  Three contestants collapsed and one had to be airlifted off the island and removed from the show.  Contestants had to do a challenge that had them digging in 118 degree heat…..which sounds miserable.  In the end, Debbie started going loopy, Cydney broke down in tears and Caleb collapsed as all three suffered from heat stroke.  Cydney and Debbie were cared for on the beach, while Caleb had to be airlifted and removed from the game.


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