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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 2.8.17

After denying reports that she was in Malawi to adopt another child, Madonna has turned around and adopted not one, but two children…… so I guess she wasn’t really lying.  Madge has adopted 4.5 year old twin girls to join her and her four other children.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ 8-year old daughter, Maddie seems to be improving following a terrible ATV crash over the weekend.  Maddie was driving the ATV when it rolled into a pond and she was reportedly under water for several minutes.  Britney Spears niece regained consciousness yesterday and is breathing and talking on her own.

The Grammy lineup literally keeps growing by the day!  Lady Gaga & Metallica will duet at the show o Sunday and Lukas Graham, Demi Lovato, Tori Kelly & Little Big Town have all been added to the list of performers! This is seriously going to be a great show!

Oh, and David Beckham’s people are saying his emails were hacked and doctored after a series of emails came out between him and his publicist where he complains about not being given knighthood.  The emails don’t make dear ol’ David look very good, which is like, REALLY hard to do!

And since we missed posting yesterday’s scoop because our internet was down (darn snow), so here you go!

Of course, we had to pick up where we left off last week, with Taylor coming back to crash Corrine and Nick’s one on one time!

Taylor had some advice for Nick …. Telling him to open his eyeballs when it comes to Corrine…. Solid advice Taylor, solid.  Buh bye now.

Of course, Nick went back inside and continued his date with Corrine, then offered up some reasoning behind his decision to keep Corrine and send Taylor home….. saying he sent Taylor home because of where his heart was at with the two relationships.  He is pretty much intrigued by Corrine and thinks there could be something there.

Quite a few of the girls were eager for the cocktail party so they could have a chance to talk to Nick.  Alexis was really hoping to show him that she had a serious side, not just a dolphin/shark side.  In the end though, Nick knew what he wanted to do and cancelled the cocktail party, sending the girls straight to the rose ceremony.  Let’s be honest, if Nick didn’t know you also have a serious side and we’re halfway through the show Alexis, you kinda missed the boat.  And yes, Alexis, Josephine and Jamie all went home.

The drama continued as the girls headed to St Thomas and Nick went on a rampage sending people home, letting Jasmine go on the group date, then sent both Whitney and Danielle L home on the dreaded 2 on 1.

Let’s start with Jasmine, the poor girl might have had a bit too much to drink and started going on….. and on….. and on about how she hasn’t gotten any one on one time and no group roses and blah, blah, blah.  Then she finally got some one on one time and proceeded to threaten to punch and choke Nick….. Ummmmm…. That’s so NOT the way to win a man’s heart.  It wasn’t a surprise when he ended things right there on the spot.

The 2-on-1 was a little awkward, Nick picked Whitney and Danielle L and both girls were pretty confused about why they were on the date. Whitney ended up getting stranded on the beach while Nick and Danielle flew off to continue the date as a one-on-one date.  Things seemed to be going well for Danielle until she told him she was falling for him and Nick sent her home. Apparently he wasn’t feeling the same way.

In the end, Nick was the emotional one, crying in front of the girls as he told them he didn’t know if this whole process was working and didn’t know if he could keep going.  That’s where we left off, with Nick walking off and the girls wondering if he really was done.  Let’s be honest, he’s not done. We already know he ends up after this whole thing and ABC would never just let him end it midway through the season!

The Grammy lineup continues to grow with the awards show just 5 days away.  Katy Perry has now been added to the ever-evolving list of performers.

P!nk had her second baby about 6 weeks ago and says she hasn’t lost any of her baby weight yet…. Her reasoning?  She took to Instagram sharing a photo of Day 1 back in the gym and said “week 6 post baby and I haven’t lost ANY WEIGHT YET!!!! Yaye me!!! I’m normal!”


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