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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 2.24.16

Khloe Kardashian’s show Kocktails with Khloe has been huge for the FYI network since it’s January debut and last night Khloe addressed her recent breakup with Houston Rockets star, James Harden.  Speaking to Lisa Rinna on her show Khloe had this to say;

“I’m not into, like, I’ve always said, you know, it’s long distance, it’s this or that, I’ve always said we don’t need to be monogamous.  Like, you know, there’s a lot of s–t going on in both of our lives. You live in Houston, I live in L.A., like let’s just—let’s see each other when we see each other.  Like, why wouldn’t you say, ‘OK. thats great?  No, instead [of] you know forcing a relationship, let’s be committed, Let’s be committed…”

“You wanted that?” Lisa asked Khloe (of being committed).

He wanted that,” she responded. “I was, I mean I wanted it, but I wanted to be realistic. I was like, you know what, it’s unfair. I’m working so much right now, you’re in Houston, let me just say, we don’t need to be committed. Nope. He sought me out, he wanted to be committed, and you know, then wasn’t committed, so KoKo had to let him go-go.”

Phil Collins has rekindled his relationship with his ex-wife Orianne and she says she believes the two will tie the knot again at some point. The interesting thing about this is the small matter of their 2008 divorce, which set British history with it’s $46.68 million settlement.

In other news, Kanye West went on yet ANOTHER Twitter rant…….. this time against music producer, Bob Ezrin who has worked with Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Kiss & Pink Floyd and was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (so he’s obviously not got any cred in the music biz)

Ezrin said “Unlike other creators in his genre like Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie or even M.C. Hammer for that matter, it’s unlikely that we’ll be quoting too many of Kanye’s songs 20 years from now. [Kanye] didn’t open up new avenues of public discourse like NWA, or introduce the world to a new art form like Grandmaster Flash, or even meaningfully and memorably address social issues through his music like Marshall, Macklemore and Kendrick,” he said also adding, “Kanye’s greatest achievements have been in the form of excessive behavior, egomaniacal tantrums and tasteless grandstanding.”

And then Kanye’s rant began……

Has anybody ever heard of Bob Ezrin???

What the f*** does he know about rap…

I’m tired of old people that have no connection with anything trying to comment on music!

Do something relevant… Please don’t speak on me bro ever again!!!

Your kids are ashamed of their dad… Sorry for speaking about kids… but could you imagine if you were Bob Ezrin’s kids…

I’m so sorry for them… I will send them free Yeezys to make up for the embarrassment that you have caused your family!

Bro you said Macklemore was more important musically than me… no offense to Macklemore, he’s a nice human being!

Bob please never speak in public again… you are everything that is wrong with the old guard …

it’s guys like you that run companies and don’t invest in Ye even if I’m your kid’s idol!!!

Rock and Roll was stolen… Rap was exploited…

I made Dark Fantasy and Watch the Throne in one year and wasn’t nominated for either and you know who has 2 albums of the year. (small dig at Taylor Swift)

Welcome to pop culture!!!

Ezrin I truly feel sorry for your friends and family that they have had to suffer an idiot like you for so many years…

Kanye’s antics continue to cause some tension between him and his wife Kim, but a source says “at the end of the day, she is 110 percent committed to keeping her family together, and there won’t be anything that will ever get in the way of that.” Other sources say that she is concerned and frustrated and has demanded Kanye seek professional help.


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