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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 2.18.16

You may remember that a group was organizing a rally outside NFL headquarters to protest Beyonce’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl a few weeks ago….well, that rally happened on Tuesday. You may be wondering why it didn’t make any headlines….. that would be because TWO people showed up. As in 1,2… don’t worry though, Ariel and April weren’t all alone; they were joined by about 100 Beyonce supporters.

Yesterday I told you about Kanye West almost walking off the set of SNL on Saturday night and today some audio from his tantrum has been released. I debated whether or not we should play it, since I do think it’s a bit aggressive, but ultimately, I think he may legitimately be on the verge of a meltdown…. Hear for yourself.

Speaking of meltdowns, Rihanna had a little one of her own before cancelling her performance at the Grammys on Monday. Sources who witnessed her rehearsal said Rihanna was visibly upset, screaming and hysterical while expressing displeasure over her rehearsal. Riri’s camp says she has been battling bronchitis and it was so bad she couldn’t perform, while others are quick to point out she performed flawlessly just two nights earlier.

Big Ang, one of the stars of VH1’s Mob Wives lost her year long battle with throat, lung and brain cancer this morning. She was 55.

Ryan Reynolds joined Ellen yesterday coming off the ultra-successful opening weekend of Deadpool and dished on filming his naked fight scene…….. I didn’t even know there was a naked fight scene. If anyone needs me this afternoon, I will be at Deadpool with a big bucket of popcorn!


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