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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 2.15.16

Kanye West is coming off what should be a pretty epic weekend; he was the musical guest on SNL and released his 7th studio album yesterday, but all the buzz about Kanye stems from his odd behavior on Twitter on Saturday night. West took to social media saying he was $53 million in personal debt, then followed that up with a string of tweets aimed at getting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 Billion in him………

The Biggest night in Music goes down tonight at the Grammys.

I got a sneak peak at the swag bags celebs are receiving at tonight’s show…… the whole thing is valued at about $22,000 and none of the items seem to be even close to practical…..

a $199 box of chocolates.

a $5,500 ultrasound energy treatment to tighten skin.

a $250 blow dryer

$300 customized video game controllers.

a 23-karat gold salted, caramel pecan praline valued at $79.

$350 glasses

a $2,250 gift certificate for custom cocktails and mixology services from a professional bartender.

a 24-karat gold facial valued at $460

anti-aging serum valued at $193

cryotherapy treatments valued at $130

illuminated drinking water valued at $15

and, of course, a $281 roll of toilet paper….

Lady Gaga is set to perform a tribute to the late David Bowie tonight and in preparation, she did her own kind of tribute to Bowie, by getting his face tattooed on her rib cage……

Grammy pre-parties were the must-attend events over the weekend, and new couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were holding hands, kissing and cuddling at a party Perry hosted on Saturday night.

The Bachelor aired a special last night celebrating 20 years of the ABC franchise, which surprises me in two ways, one that it’s been on for 20 years and two, that 1996 was 20 years ago….. As part of the special, Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alums Jade and Tanner’s wedding was shown with many franchise alums attending, despite never having met the couple….awkward.


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