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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 12.21.15

Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber were inseparable over the weekend as they were out and about in Hollywood. The pair didn’t seem to be trying to hide their interest in each other as they got cozy at several nightclubs before calling it a night around 1am.

Adele tickets went on sale last weekend and left many fans angry after long delays and limited supply, but Ticketmaster wants to make sure fans know it wasn’t their fault that fans were left frustrated. There were only about 300,000 tickets available and tens of millions of people wanting to buy them, which led to the less than ideal user experience.

Star Wars first official weekend is in the books and it was a record breaker. Even the Seahawks got in on the madness with Michael Bennett leading the team out of the tunnel sporting a Darth Vader mask. We posted the photo up on our Facebook and Twitter pages. They also showed a video called Sea Wars during the game that paired highlights from the season along with Star Wars-y stuff.

Orlando Bloom hit a legal snafu when he landed in India on Saturday morning without a Visa. The British actor was heading to India to promote tourism, and applied for an e-Visa back in November. Apparently that request was rejected, so when he landed, he was deported back to England at 4am. Officials got involved and were able to secure him a valid Visa and he returned to India the next day.

By now, you’ve most likely heard about the debacle that was Steve Harvey crowning, then uncrowning Miss Universe last night, but you may not have seen some of the best Twitter comments; here are some of the best- And the winner is – Miss Information. There was a photograph, digitally altered to stick Harvey’s head on Justin Bieber’s body with the message, “Is it too late now to say sorry?” Another Meme showed Oprah shouting “You’re Miss Universe and You’re Miss Universe! Everyone is Miss Universe!!”


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