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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 12.11.15

Jared Leto is suing TMZ after they released a video of him bashing Taylor Swift. In the lawsuit, filed on behalf of Leto’s company, he states that the videographer gave specific instructions not to share the video because he did not own it, nor have the rights to it.  Leto is seeking to have the video removed from TMZ’s website, all copies returned and any profits made off it given to him as well.

Ed Sheeran is scheduled to go under the knife in 2016. Sheeran will have a burst eardrum repaired once his tour wraps up. The British singer said he injured his ear jumping off a really high yacht and landing wrong, which just sounds painful. He does seem to be looking forward to the fact that post-operation, he can’t fly; which means he gets to stay home for awhile.

Madonna surprised people on the streets of Paris Wednesday night when she delivered an impromptu curbside performance, which included John Lennon’s “Imagine” and her hit “Like A Prayer” to honor the victims of the Nov. 13th Paris attacks. She brought her guitarist and her son, David along for the show and at one point was seen wiping away tears while hugging her son.

Billboard has released the top songs from 2015 and if you were thinking it was something Taylor Swift….well…… you’d be wrong. The #1 jam is Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk, followed by Ed Sheeran “Thinking Out Loud.” Taylor comes in at #7 with “Blank Space” and pops back up again at 15 with “Bad Blood” and 18th with “Shake It Off.”


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