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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 11.29.16

Kanye West remains hospitalized at UCLA Medical Center after being admitted last week for exhaustion and sleep deprivation.  In the past West has had “big ups and big downs, but this bout seems to be much more serious. In the hospital he has been very paranoid and is under constant watch for his safety.”  His past issues seemed to be calmed down by having his wife, Kim with him, but after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, she stopped joining him on tour.  Sources close to the couple say without her by his side he was unable to snap out of this most recent incident.  There’s no time table set for when he will be able to return home.

Production has come to a halt on Keeping Up With The Kardashians following Kanye’s hospitalization and Kim’s robbery and sources close to the family say there’s no real hope of filming anything more through the end of the year.

To mark the one year anniversary of Prince’s death, the music legend’s former home Paisley Park will stage a special four-day event from April 20th to April 23.  The festivities “will honor and celebrate the life and legacy” and will include “live music, panel discussions and presentations on Prince’s tremendous talent, influence and importance as a composer, musician, producer, live performer and filmmaker.”

Bachelor in Paradise fans are in mourning….. brace yourselves….. Lace and Grant have broken up!!! Ugh….. if the couple that got together after Lace hooked up with crazy Chad can’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?  While they have ended things for right now, they do both hope to rekindle their romance in the future, with Grant saying “I think the odds are definitely against us. But I know the person that she is. That’s the person I wanted to marry.” And Lace adding: “I could only pray or hope that there is a future with us. I see one, but I just don’t know when.”

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