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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 10.28.15

Sadly, another couple has fallen victim to the Hollywood curse; Halle Berry and husband Olivier Martinez have filed divorce after just over two years of marriage. The couple did have a prenup, but it seems that they can’t agree on issues of spousal support and joint custody. Sources have said the couple’s separation is due to disagreeing over living situations and Martinez’s temper, but for now, they are keeping things amicable.

Longtime couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have officially called it quits after four years together. The couple began spending time apart in April. There is apparently no drama in the breakup, with sources reporting that the two have been apart while working on various project and they still care about each other.

Former Yankees star and notorious bachelor Derek Jeter seems to have finally found the lady to make him settle down. It seems that Jeter and girlfriend of three years, model, Hannah Davis are engaged….that is, if you believe the NY Daily News. Apparently the paper has gotten this wrong before, saying the two got engaged two years ago and even reporting a secret wedding. For now, the source is saying the model has ring and her family is very happy.

Former high school cheerleader, Reese Witherspoon is speaking out on behalf of NBA cheerleaders everywhere after various reports have come out claiming many of the girls make less than minimum wage. The actress took to twitter saying “These women work really hard and they deserve AT LEAST minimum wage. Come on #NBA, #Payhermore.”

Adele is taking down Taylor Swift… least as far as chart topping music videos go. Adele’s new video for “Hello” surpassed Swift’s “Bad Blood” for most viewed in 24 hours….although, when I say “surpassed” it almost sounds like it was close… it wasn’t. Taylor’s video had 20.1 views in it’s first 24 hours, Adele’s had a whopping 27.7 million!

Kim Zolciak is recovering from Heart Surgery following mini strokes and the discovery of a hole in her heart. The reality star informed her fans of her successful surgery as only Kim Z can, with a hospital selfie. Obviously!

It sounds like there’s a new Backstreet baby on the way! Nick Carter, who is currently performing on Dancing with the Stars and his wife Lauren Kitt Carter were married last year. Carter had previously said he never wanted to get married and he was scared to settle down, but that all changed when he met Lauren.


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