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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 10.21.15

Starbucks has a new beverage, and it’s coming out tomorrow- the BeastMode Frappuccino will be on sale throughout the football season. The Beastmode Frappuccino is Marshawn Lynch’s own recipe; it’s a double mocha Frappuccino with a hint of mint and cream and just enough protein powder to unleash your inner Beast Mode. It’s topped with whipped cream, then finished with a purple berry drizzle and a sprinkle of matcha. Starbucks will donate proceeds from each beverage sold to the Fam 1st Family Foundation.

In case you missed it, today is Back to the Future Day, the day Marty and Doc are set to arrive in the future in Back to the Future part 2. The movie showed us some bold predictions for what this year would be like and some of them are actually right, so let’s have a look;

Gesture controlled video games- basically Wii and xBox Kinect

Hoverboards, they haven’t taken the place of skateboards just yet, but they’re an actual thing!

Flying cars- a Slovakian company debuted a prototype last year and has said they plan to release the world’s first car/plane in 2017.

Self lacing shoes…. Thanks Nike!

Hi-tech glasses, Google glass comes pretty close!

Kate Hudson seems to be living quite the life right now- last week she was spotted getting cozy with Nick Jonas and this week, she was spotted holding hands and getting up close and personal with her agent, Michael Kives in New York after a night of premieres and parties. She also appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night and while host Andy Cohen avoided asking her about her romantic status, a caller covered that for him asking if the rumors that she was dating Jonas were true. But, like a true pro, Kate managed to avoid the question, saying she doesn’t address gossip! Dangit!

Speaking of Bravo, it looks like Brandi Glanville will actually be on the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Glanville announced in June that she wouldn’t be returning after clashing with nearly every cast member last year. She will not be back full time, but will pop up here and there, to bring drama, most likely.


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