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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 10.13.16

The internet is kind of freaking out over the idea that Taylor Swift might drop a new album next week on the 23rd, and if you believe any of the clues, they could be right. For example, Swift has some gigs lined up, including the pre-Super Bowl performance in February and the Grand Prix in Austin on October 22nd. 4 out of 5 Taylor Swift albums have been released in October.  She has a history of releasing albums every two years…. And it’s been two years since her 1989 album.  Getting more complicated, if you list the alleged releases date as 10/23/16 and then add up each individual number 1+2+3+1+6=13! Mindblown.

Paris investigators are now testing traces of DNA left in Kim Kardashian’s apartment during the armed robbery last week.  Over $10 million in jewels were stolen from the reality star by 5 masked gunmen.  One necklace, worth $33,000 was found outside the hotel by a passerby.

While the world can speculate about what happened the night Kim was robbed in Paris, one thing is for certain, the Kim K robbery costume was in poor taste.  Luckily others agree and it has already been pulled from the online shelves.

Michael Jackson has been dead for 7 years, but this past year the King of Pop actually earned more money than any other celebrity, living or dead. According to Forbes, Jackson’s estate earned a whopping $825 million between October 2015 and October 2016, thanks mainly to the sale of his 50-percent share of the Sony/ATV music publishing catalog, which accounted for $750 million alone.

Selena Gomez has been recovering at a Tennessee treatment facility since announcing her break at the end of August.  The star suffers from Lupus, but this stay in Tennessee is to deal with her mental health.  Sources close to Gomez say she can go to a very dark place and she needs to take care of herself.


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