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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 1.29.16

Kelly Clarkson hasn’t exactly been experiencing the bliss of pregnancy. She has been largely out of the spotlight since announcing her pregnancy at a concert and had to be hooked up to IVs to avoid getting dehydrated from her morning sickness. Yesterday a fan tweeted her asking how she was doing and Clarkson responded with “better, but really looking forward to holding him in my arms.” I’m not exactly sure how far along she is in her pregnancy, but it’s believed her little boy will be arriving in early spring.

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Danielle Staub is writing a tell-all book about about the reality of her time on Real Housewives of New Jersey and the impact it has had on her and her family’s life. It will be Staub’s second book.

The lack of diversity in this year’s Oscar nominees has caused quite a few people to announce a boycott of the show, but Whoopi Goldberg and Kevin Hart aren’t among them. In fact, Goldberg and Hart (sounds like a law firm), have reportedly signed on as presenters. The Oscars take place on Sunday, February 28th.

Leonardo DiCaprio is kind of a big deal; he met with Pope Francis yesterday at the Vatican to discuss environmental issues and apparently the two exchanged books at the end of the meeting…… so it’s pretty safe to say that Leo and the Pope are in some super fancy book club.

Russell Wilson and Ciara have no problem sharing their love for one another all over social media, so it was no surprise when Russell took to Twitter on Wednesday to swoon over his girlfriend. He posted two tweets:

dangerusswilsonAM #WCW … Her hair plunged over her shoulders & it was midnight black… @Ciara

dangerusswilsonPM #WCW … I kissed her & she had honey sweet lips that were lilac soft… Not to mention her loving & affectionate personality… @Ciara

Then came Natalie Weiner who decided to google those phrases. And what she discovered was a blog called Descriptive Writing and a section called “Describing a beautiful woman.” Of course, Natalie had to call out Russ and thus, mayhem ensued. Russ got word of Natalie’s tweet showing the google search, to which he responded

Haha I actually prefer @Bing to describe my love … #StillCantFindTheWords

Even Rosetta Stone can’t translate my love at this point

Describing this beauty, I would need all the diction & syntax from 6,000+ languages in the world #MyWords @Ciara


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