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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 1.25.16

Chris Rock is not giving up his Oscars hosting gig, but, he is re-writing his script. The Academy seems supportive of Rock’s revisions and acknowledges that he will include jokes regarding the controversy surrounding this year’s awards. “They’re excited about him doing that. They know that’s what we need. They know that’s what the public wants, and we deliver what the people want.” They “have 1000 percent confidence that he will deliver something that people will be talking about for weeks.”

We all assumed that Tina Fey would soon be reprising her role as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live following last week’s announcement that Palin was endorsing Republican candidate, Donald Trump….annnnnd, we were right! She was the perfect Sarah Palin, quoting the Lorax, making us laugh and of course, rocking that fabulous sweater!

A new romance may be blooming between Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry as the two took in a Culver City show together over the weekend and posed for a backstage photo with the cast. They were spotted getting cozy and being very flirty at a Golden Globes party earlier this month.

You may remember hearing that Mariah Carey got engaged to her Billionaire boyfriend, James Packer last week, but we didn’t have many details…. Until now. Now we have all the important details about THE ring! Apparently, Mariah is now sporting a 35-karat diamond ring worth $5.7 MILLION dollars! TO give you an idea of how big that is, the average engagement ring is 1 karat, Kim Kardashian’s massive ring was only 15 karats and the Hope Diamond is 45 karats, so this is just a little smaller than that!

You may have seen a video making the rounds of a Gainesville Police Officer responding to a call of kids “playing loudly in the street.” The viral video shows Officer White pulling up to a group of kids playing basketball in the street and decides to join them, rather than stop them. Officer White told the kids he would be back to play again with backup and he delivered on his word, returning with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal! We posted the video to our Twitter and Facebook pages!

East Coast X Files fans are all sorts of angry at the NFL for running long with coverage of the NFC Championship. The game ended about 10pm Eastern and postgame coverage didn’t wrap up until about 10:30, meaning that people who had set their DVRs to record the XFiles premiere missed half the episode, since it ran from 10:30-11:30 instead of 10-11 like it was scheduled.


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