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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 1.18.17

Ciara’s ex and baby Future’s Daddy, big Future sent his son several Falcons jerseys after Atlanta’s big win over the Seahawks last Saturday.  Future is a lifelong Falcons fan and says he wants to bring his son to Atlanta’s playoff game this weekend and wants Future Jr to support the team his dad grew up loving…. Of course, this stings a bit given that Future Jr’s stepdad is, of course, Russell Wilson. Ouch!

The Falcons are only one win away from the Super Bowl, where halftime performer, Lady Gaga has said she plans to perform from the roof of NRG stadium in Houston.  Her team is worried about the safety of the idea, but apparently, Gaga is pushing hard for the crazy performance.  Teams are drawing up plans for how to make it work, including potentially cutting a hole in the roof……..

I just posted a behind the scenes video of Gaga’s show prep, and one thing we do know, she’ll be performing Bad Romance!

We’ve always known Matthew McConaughey as a buff, in shape guy, but, for his new film Gold,  McConaughey had to gain almost 50 pounds in 6 months!  He says beer and cheeseburgers did the trick and taking the stairs even up one flight was too much exercise.  At home  he says he was known as  “Captain Fun—that was my nickname around the house, because I was [saying] ‘yes’ to everything.  I was a really fun dad for that six months because I was like, ‘No, pizza night’s not just Friday night—it’s Tuesday night; it’s Wednesday morning.'”

Ariana Grande has set off another firestorm after posting an Instagram photo with a caption that declared herself the hardest working human… “when you’re cute but you’re also the hardest working 23 year old human being on earth.” Of course, people jumped on it right away with comments like

“Yes Ariana Grande is the hardest working 23 year old on earth not the ones struggling making 60¢ a day trying to provide for their families.”

“I really like ariana but ‘hardest working’? somebody who has as much time as her to post all day on her snapchat constantly says otherwise.”

“Is that a joke? I would say a brain surgeon works harder, a soldier, a scientist… just lost all respect for her (not that I had much anyway).”

“You don’t know the struggle for a normal human being. #learnrealwork.”




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