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Ashley’s Morning Scoop 1.12.16

Jennifer Lawrence is getting some flack for giving a reporter at the Golden Globes a hard time about looking at his cellphone during an interview….the interviewer was foreign, with an accent, and it seems he may have been trying to ask her about a possible Oscar nomination, and she misunderstood. She went on to lecture him for being on his phone and not recognizing they were at the Golden Globes, not the Oscars…. Again, perhaps a miscommunication. A lot of angry people on twitter saying she was rude and bullying the poor reporter.

Leonardo DiCaprio has addressed the most talked about moment of the Golden Globes…..the moment where Lady Gaga brushed past him and he gave her the side eye that’s taken over the internet. While talking to Entertainment Tonight, Leo said, “Oh Lord, that’s trending, huh?” He explains that he didn’t mean anything by it and that “just didn’t know what was passing me, that’s all!”

Hoverboard has claimed yet another victim; Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville took to Twitter to show off her injury from the flammable deathtrap. Glanville sported a swollen wrist from a hairline fracture and 6 stitches.

When Disney began the search for a young Han Solo, they looked at almost 2500 actors and now, they’ve narrowed it down to 12. Miles Teller, Dave Franco and Scott Eastwood are among the final list and the directors and producer will sit down to start screen-testing the finalists soon.


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