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Are you the better parent?

No, it’s not a competition, but according to a recent survey, a third of women consider themselves to be a better parent than their partner and a third of the men agreed.

Roughly half of the parents surveyed (54 per cent of men, 53 per cent of women) said they think both partners parent equally as well.

Only 6 percent of men and women thought men were the better partner, oops!

Maybe that’s because when Dad’s on duty he calls it babysitting! Seriously though guys, it’s NOT babysitting when it’s your own kid. If it were, moms would be making a fortune in hourly wages. Hmmm… maybe we should rethink this!

It does seem like we make it such a big deal when Dads are just doing dad-like things.  Is that just because it’s adorable to see our big manly men being so vulnerable with our sweet little children or is it because it’s like an eclipse, it only happens on rare occasions?  Kidding guys, parenting takes a village and we all have to play our parts. Without our partners to pick up even the slightest amount of slack, we’d feel like we were being buried alive under laundry, paw patrol and princess dresses.  So, to every parent out there, male or female, whether you’re navigating this tricky road solo or with a partner in crime, we salute you!



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