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Is Your Parent Sabotaging Your Conversations?

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8 Ways Parents Sabotage Conversations with Adult Children:

1. Unsolicited advice-giving

2. Reminders to be grateful

3. Jealous comments

4. Making the conversation about the parent

5. Joking about it

6. Labeling the child

7. Awkwardness and uncertainty

8. Shifting attention to the parent’s anxiety about the child’s issue


Many of these types of responses are well-meaning.

Some are self-centered.

Some are simply a product of how the parent themselves learned to address difficulties in their own life.

It may reflect how their own parents responded to them.

All of these approaches leave some room for growth through open, honest conversation.

As in all parent-adult child dynamics, both parties can take initiative to articulate their needs and be open to hearing feedback about how to support one another.

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