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Are You More Excited About Valentine’s Day Than You Are Christmas?

Painted Finger Smiley, Valentine's Day Theme
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Do you feel overwhelmed by Christmas? All the shopping and decorating and food and parties and family? Do you just want to settle into February and spend some time with your loved ones (be they of the human or furry variety)? Do you just want to buy some chocolates for your best friends to show you how much they mean to you? If so, you may have a lot in common with other people that are just worn down by the holidays. According to a new article in the NY Post based on a survey sponsored by Zulily “…2,000 Americans found this Hallmark holiday [Valentine’s Day] tops the charts among Americans, as 81% get excited about Feb. 14, while just 68% say they get excited about the holiday season.”


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If you aren’t sure how to celebrate, the survey also breaks down how other folks approach the holiday:

  • 28% are just going to celebrate with their pets while 51% are going to celebrate with their kids
  • You could spread the love a little wider and buy something for everyone you love (including your pets) like 64% of people
  • 57% percent of people plan on cooking a special dinner
  • With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday this year you could make it a three day weekend like 33% of people who plan to take the day off

According to Claire Magruder, Zulily’s Trend and Fashion Expert and Women’s Merchandising Manager, “Showing someone you care doesn’t need to blow your budget – for Valentine’s Day, it’s all about showing your loved ones you listen to them. For example, if your partner hates to vacuum, delight them with a robot vacuum. If your bestie loves to entertain, then a new tablescape accessory may be the perfect gift.” Which brings us down to price, namely how much should you spend on your significant other? The average gift hits pretty close to the $50 mark, but 20% of people spend over $100! No matter what you spend on your friends, pets or loved ones, the most important part of the holiday is making sure your gift comes from the heart! Magruder reminds us “What’s most important to remember, appreciation can take more forms than just flowers!”