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Have you ever woke up to a text that doesn’t make any sense?  You wonder WHAT????  It happened to me today. My sister texted me saying “we are okay” she and her husband were being evacuated from the airport. YES Ft. Laurderdale Hollywood Airport.  (Story: KOMOTV)

I am so grateful she is okay.  So sad for the families of those dead and wounded. It is a mixed feeling to say “Yay” she’s Okay when others are not.  It’s amazing how vulnerable this life we take for granted can be, in the blink of an eye everything can change.

As a life coach I believe in “Dancing In the Moment” Enjoying the now…NOW… being in the present rather than being anxious for “the next” (Like the Big Game tomorrow) but being present where we are, when we are, and who we are with. Giving each moment our all so we have no regrets.  Here’s to living in the moment!!!


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Laurie is a rare Seattle-born Native. She has raised her children, but as a working mom knows how important it is to look and feel your best. She currently volunteers with Queen It’s a New Day, a non-profit organization in Everett, giving women a hand up to feel great inside and out. As a published author and life coach, Laurie is WARM’s Afternoon Traffic host with the philosophy of…” traffic is a lot like life, sometimes you have a speed –limit drive and sometimes you hit a slow-down or detour, but with the right guidance and information, we can all get through it together”.