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Are the Pups Ready for Junior?

Adorable Baby And Furry Little Dog On Green Grass Outdoors
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When you’re a mama to fur babies, it can be tricky when an actual baby comes into the mix.

Think about it. Your new bundle of joy smells, sounds and moves like nothing your pet has ever seen before. And suddenly this strange, loud baby is taking up all your time and attention.

Rescue volunteer and new mom, Kara Venus, has created a delightful, vividly illustrated picture book, Harper and her Dogs: A tale about introducing your fur-babies to your new baby, (September 19, 2022) that tackles this vexing problem. A family of four – two parents and two dogs – is about to welcome a new addition. But the parents worry their four-legged loves won’t be too thrilled to live with a new baby – a girl named Harper. This is every dog owner’s fear: How will our beloved pets adjust to a newborn?

The unique, realistic book gives soon-to-be parents important suggestions about how to prepare their dogs for this life-changing event. For example, it’s important to introduce fur-babies to the new baby’s sounds and equipment. That way, the dog can become familiar with some of the changes long before the baby arrives.

In Harper’s story, the dogs adjust beautifully, protecting, playing, and cleaning up after Harper. The dogs and Harper eventually become best friends.

Book: HERE