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Are Laptop Stickers IN or OUT? YES or NO? Naked or Clothed?


I don’t make decisions that involve major purchases quickly.

For example, It took me YEARS to pick out a laptop and about 6 months to decide which specs I wanted on it. Seriously. I’ve owned 3 laptops in my life. Each of them lasted ~10years. Let’s appreciate the relationship between a computer and it’s human for a moment: A DECADE! A machine that defines an era! How could I possibly enter into this purchase lightly?!

To, more deeply, put it in perspective: The Average American Marriage Lasts 7-8 years. My commitment to my MacBook is LITERALLY more sacred than a marriage vow. SPOILER: If you want your marriage to last LONGER than a laptop, live in NYC. They’re doing well at ~12years.

I’m SURE you can imagine how important sticker selection might be to me. I spent weeks on Etsy.com selecting the stickers that I felt defined ME in this moment. The message I’d send to the world. Because, let’s be honest, in the times of Tinder and Bumble first impressions are our ONLY impressions. When someone glances at the glow of my forbidden fruit, what will they take away?

Much like I wear clothing that screams:

I LOVE dogs!

I eat plant-based.

I listen to Lana Del Rey

I have a Podcast.

I support The American Heart Association

I stand with Australia and mourn their wildfire losses.

I love music/radio.

I like the idea of my laptop silently testifying to those facts.

But, I also have no tattoos. I am unmarried. I rent my home. I CAN’T COMMIT. LOL