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Animals and Arachnid’s on the Freeway

Chicken (1)

A tarantula crossing the road in Death Valley, California is being blamed for causing a massive traffic accident that sent a motorcyclist to the hospital.

The spider-induced pileup occurred on October 28 while a Swiss couple was driving their rented camper van on CA-190 east of Towne Pass in Death Valley National Park, the National Park Service reported.

All of a sudden, the sightseers spotted the furry arachnid ambling across the highway and jammed on the brakes to avoid hitting it, causing a 24-year-old Canadian motorcyclist to plow into the back of their vehicle.

The motorcycle rider was subsequently sent to the Desert View Hospital in Pahrump, where his condition remains unclear.

Meanwhile, the spider walked away from the pile-up “unscathed,” according to the NPS report.

A truck driver saved an abandoned puppy found with a zip tie around its neck from an interstate in Arizona.

The puppy was discovered next to an Interstate 10 exit ramp in Benson, Arizona, on Oct. 20, the Arizona Department of Public Safety stated in a Facebook post.

According to the agency, the truck driver stopped after seeing the abandoned puppy and “removed the zip tie,” which was “secured tightly around her throat,” before supplying the pooch with water.

The driver watched over the puppy until a state trooper arrived.


A chicken was spotted on the shoulder of I-5 at NE 145th St in Shoreline #Seattle.

Thankfully a State Patrol trooper had egg-cellent timing to save the chicken before it crossed the road.🐔

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